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Loving you...Was Like Loving the Dead.

Can't go out 'Cause your Roots are Showin...'Dye em black.

...Girls With fetishes from Wolvish Music...
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Well, Well, Well... you have found yourself at the gates of werewolf_music a community for the girls whom fall for wolfish singers and lyrics, and the boys who enjoy them (Or vice-versa).
This is a community dedicated to the Wonderful wolfish boys of Death Metal and Industrial, [here we call it all "werewolf music"], such as Dani Filth, Peter Steele, Trent Renzor, Glen Danzig and among many many others.

This is a very open minded community, to talk about anything really related to death metal, horror punk, black metal, industrial, or related genres of dark Demonic music.

If you find yourself smitten with Type O Negative, Danzig, Slayer, Wumpscut, Rammstien, Din Viv, Cradle of Flith, Mayhem, London After Midnight, gorgorgoth, Alice Cooper, VnV Nation, Skinny Puppy and the likes, than you certainly have found a place to call home.
Note: you do not have to be fans of these exact bands, these are the Moderators musical selection, and to these bands she has dedicated her time to making a community. For whatever reason or band remotely related to the listed that you have joined this community for, you are always and most welcome.


One:: You may post any of the following, or related subjects: pictures, quiz results, lyrics, show times, anything music related, related news articals, poetry, paintings, drawings, icons, graphics, related questions, interviews, reviews, or anything really that you find related to werewolf music.
Two:: If you post a large picture, more than one quiz results, a long reveiw or raunt, (etc) please do so behind a LJ-Cut... If you do not know how, let the moderator know, and she'll either tell you how, or do it herself. no need to fret !!
Three::DO NOT argue with other members, or belittle people. That behavior is just about the only thing that will get you kicked out of the community, so don't.
Four::Apon arriving, please post the banner in your userinfo. Represent, fool.
Five::If you find yourself confusing death metal with evanescance, and Horror punk with Good Charolette, I will only once kindly say, this is not the community for you.
Six::Apon arriving, post the application you will find below, so we know who we are dealing with. This is not a rating community We just want to know who you are apon your arrival.
Seven:: Make it a point to comment as much as possible, and Post when you find a reason to post about.
Eight:: Feel free to whore your communitys here, as long as they are somewhat related to this community, as long as you can prove you've whored werewolf_music somewhere before.

†††::Engrave Thy Tombstone::†††
fill out the following apon arival

_Astrological Sign::


_Name 15 Bands::

_Name 6 Movies::

_List Ten words that appeal to you::

_If you could fuck any Musical Artist, whom, and how?

_Any last words?


your moderator

For any comments, questions, or suggestions feel free to conact the mother to the community...

a perfect circle, after forever, agathodaimon, alice cooper, alice in chains, angel corpse, angel dust, angst, anorexia nervosa, anthrax, arch enemy, assemblage 23, atheist, bands, bass, bathory, big boots, bisexuality, bitemarks, black, black hair, black metal, blacklights, blood, bloodbath, boys with long hair, burzum, cannibal corpse, carpathian forest, cheesy horror movies, children of bodom, circle of dead children, classic metal, concerts, corsets, cradle of filth, cradle of flith, creativity, danzig, dark funeral, dark icons, dark metal, death, death angel, death metal, deep voices, diabolical masquerade, dimmu borgir, doom metal, dreams of sanity, drums, dying fetus, erotica, fangs, fear factory, festivals, funerals, germany, gigs, girls, glen danzig, gorgorgoth, gorgoroth, goth rock, gothic metal, green eyes, guitar players, gwar, hair dye, heavy metal, horror movies, howling, icons, immortal, industrial, industrial metal, iron maiden, london after midnight, love, lyrics, marilyn manson, mayhem, megadeth, metal, metalheads, misfits, moonsorrow, moonspell, morbid angel, morbidity, mortiis, mosh pits, murderdolls, music, my dying bride, obituary, organs, orgy, ozzy osbourne, pantera, peter steele, photography, power metal, rage against the machine, rammstien, romance, roses, sex, singers, skinny puppy, slayer, sweat, theatres des vampires, thrash metal, tool, type o negative, virgin black, vnv nation, vocals, werewolfs, wolves, wumpscut, your shapeless beauty, zombie movies, zyklon